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 How To Connect

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PostSubject: How To Connect   Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:07 am

Welcome to Renegade co Here is a guide on how to sucesfully register a Game Server account.

# Download the client from the following link: Client
# Extract the client to wherever you want
# Download the server.dat from here: Server and Cid Server.dat files
# Place the server.dat and cid.dat files inside your conquer folder
# Download hamachi from here: Hamachi Download
# Join any of the following hamachi networks: Co_Renegade4, Co_Renegade5, Co_Renegade6, Co_Renegade7, Co_Renegade8, password is 123 for all of them, Please note that hamachi is only temporary untill the server kicks off =)
# Register a character using the register link on the website
# Open the client by choosing play.exe and signing in as your registered character
# Enjoy Renegade-Co ! ! =)

If you have a problem then please post a thread with [HELP] in the title.
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How To Connect
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