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 Sup Peanutz ! im ~ßaЕÄršÈ~ AKA ~§kîllž~

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PostSubject: Sup Peanutz ! im ~ßaЕÄršÈ~ AKA ~§kîllž~   Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:33 pm

First, im ~ßaЕÄršÈ~ AKA ~§kîllž~ and just want u to know, before u say ANYTHIN that I.....and i mean I !!! am the Nubcakiest Around Here !, Not You, Not Jesus, NOT EVEN SANTA CLAUSE! Me.... Smile & my name is Chrissy \o/. Thx for Readin hehe

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Sup Peanutz ! im ~ßaЕÄršÈ~ AKA ~§kîllž~
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