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 PM aplication

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PostSubject: PM aplication   Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:40 pm

Application Form: PM Or watever u guysz and grls think im good 4


In game name:DRz_Finest



Are you active?

How long have you been playing Conquer?
More than i can remember but if i have 2 remember like 4-5years

Why do you want to become a staff member?
Because i like 2 help and i find being PM or GM a fun thing 2 do

What services do you think you can bring to this server?
i can b a PM but with an undercover name like not have PM next 2 my name and track down botters and so forth
or watever u guys want me 2 do

What are some of your experience?
I was a mod at the begging of lastco i was asked 2 be removed from staf because i lost interst in there server and i wasnt gona b able 2 provide them with the services they needed. i was also a Mod there untill i quit after being there for around a couple of months

Other information you think is important:
Any other information u want or need from me hit me up in da chat box or email
I am nice Unless u get me really pissed of i try 2 ignore my problems instead of fighten em ask Kirsty abought that im also friend with ppl and staff in the chat box O.o

Make da best dissicion

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PM aplication
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